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<Stavros> oh yeah
<Stavros> i forgot
<Stavros> ur events guys
<Sabaoth> lies
<Stavros> 50 noobs go in
<Stavros> 0 noobs come out
<Nebulai|Busy> ;o]
<Shredder> lol
* moocifer waves 'teh Stavros Banner'
<Stavros> zooooooooom into evol blockade :P
<Stavros> actually
<Stavros> i want to join :/
<Stavros> ut possibly more ebil than meh
< Spikum > I joined M0o just short before
< Spikum > Reverent told me that he wanna check my scorp fitting and he need it to look at it
< Spikum > i gaved it him
< Spikum > then he kicked me out of corp
< Tachy > Spikum :) mOo is a great corp, isn't it?
Loki28 > why ya runnin???
Loki28 > come back
Tyrion Nydaerin > i like excercise :D
Loki28 > or your just chickenshit
Tyrion Nydaerin > In a universe of infinite possibilities, anything is possible.
Loki28 > bring your punk ass out here
Tyrion Nydaerin > Using that logic of course, I could also be George Bush
Tyrion Nydaerin > or you could O_O
Loki28 > tell you what you reimburse me for the thorax and you wont be a permanant target of thr Forsaken empire
Tyrion Nydaerin > lmao
Loki28 > keep laughin i think its pretty funny too
Tyrion Nydaerin > yay :D
Loki28 > nice reinforcements in the next system
Tyrion Nydaerin > are you George Bush tho? its really bugging me now :(
Loki28 > thats ok i'll be back in a bit and everytime I see someone with your corp tag, plan on buyin a new clone >:)
Tyrion Nydaerin > :'(
Tyrion Nydaerin > sorry Mr President
Tyrion Nydaerin > if you had said who you were :/
Loki28 > lol
Loki28 > damn kids
Tyrion Nydaerin > :(
<SwedishCook> Hyou putda NPC inda roidyfieldy and mixidda in mit de nubiplayers ntheydie, hyoubetcha!
TomB > rather do it well instead of doing it so that it sucks
<+holyone> what's up with Aneu Angellus Stavros?
<&t20> yeah, it's the viagrachocolate egg
<+Stavros> nothing much
<+Stavros> hes just wrong alot :P
<&Hammerhead> isn't that the forum troll?
Clipped Wings > killian -> blasting petri-dishes in a lab hardly constitutes PVP
Killian Darkwater > Clipped: PVP - Player versus Petri-dish
HammaH > TomB has just no balls to fight a normal player =(
Sokhar blames jesus
[Sokhar] and also i blame stavros
[Sokhar] because he didn't buy me a pony ;[
[mim] how mean :(
[Sokhar] inoes
<RinnyWee> [GM]White is a kitten
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