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Emulove > wtf....
The DeathHawk > GRAB MY STUFF
The DeathHawk > OH FUCK!
The DeathHawk > how'd that happen?>
Caught Thinking > what did you do?
Emulove > what did you do?
The DeathHawk > you two were happily shooting each other and i got killed
The DeathHawk > i went pop
Emulove > lmao omg thats fucking funny
Caught Thinking > why?
The DeathHawk > IDK
Emulove > oh i cant stop laughing
The DeathHawk > caldari centry gun
Caught Thinking > lol
The DeathHawk > wtf
Emulove > lol
Caught Thinking > you attacked station
The DeathHawk > howd he kill me
Caught Thinking > LOL!
The DeathHawk > oh fuck
Emulove > LOL!
The DeathHawk > fuck!
The DeathHawk > someone grab my goods?
Caught Thinking > don't ever fire at staitions
meat stack > how does that work?
Caught Thinking > or gates
The DeathHawk > gonna need that rifter
Stranger > Now there's almost as many people there as I've had sex with. That's thought provoking
Sari Azlion > Are you in Jove space?
Tolin Dorden > ah well think I'll get my ass down to the shop for wsome ciggys.... nowt to do till tai's built my new raven anyway
Jenina Hawke > Tai's your builder? Kewl
Charles Burger > made by tai wan? is it gonna be really small?
Tolin Dorden > no it's just cheap and got a stamp in it's ass
Jenina Hawke > What's a small Raven? En spurv?
Charles Burger > small raven is a caracal of course :)
Jenina Hawke > Is a Caracel a type of Sparrow? :)
Tolin Dorden > no but a kessie's a baby raven
Tolin Dorden > caracal's a teen raven
Tolin Dorden > cerberus is a teen raven with pms
Charles Burger > manticore is an early developinig raven
Fugusha Kisai > time to go pretty much afk and let the drones do their thing =/
Fugusha Kisai > ...to other drones
Fugusha Kisai > bigger drones, which i'd love to have in my drone bay ._.
Kealapono > right on
Fugusha Kisai > like those drone domis
Fugusha Kisai > carriers - deploy 15 of those
Fugusha Kisai > people go "wtf" and run
kalshara > ROFL
Fugusha Kisai > but they got neuted down anyways, so they die horribly as Those drone domis unleash 5 ogre IIs each
Fugusha Kisai > and CCP does an internal facepalm
Fugusha Kisai > and nerfs everything
kalshara > LOL
Fugusha Kisai > before realizing how much fun it is to do that, so they unnerf it and make drone megathrons
Fugusha Kisai > and pilots everywhere cry.
Fugusha Kisai > 15 plate/resist megas + drones is hard to kill
Fugusha Kisai > in the end the server crashes and they roll it back to before there were ships.
Fugusha Kisai > and everyone agrees things are right.
Fugusha Kisai > before server lag kills everyone because ccp uninstalled their servers, thinking thet wouldnt need them
Fugusha Kisai > so people riot and go out in the world in search of tritanium
Fugusha Kisai > but the police dont want them to get it, so inevitably, war occurs.
Fugusha Kisai > CCP+gamers vs everyone else.
Fugusha Kisai > it's all fun and games until goonswarm quadDDs the world
Satyr Bloodstone > Fug, stop holding out/
Fugusha Kisai > what?
Satyr Bloodstone > Whatever the fuck you are on, you need to share.
Fugusha Kisai > rofl
Satyr Bloodstone > Powerful shit is what it is.
Norrin Ellis > CCP could've made a really great planetary skin for Caldari Prime: Glass World.
Zagamesh > "Fleet. Begin planetary vitrification protocols."
Norrin Ellis > "This is a planet that has been involved in a Federation territorial dispute resolved by warfare."
Zagamesh > "It is now a prime exporter of silica products."
Julianus Soter > High-purity Silica products, at that.
Zagamesh > Hey, turning Caldari Prime into sheets of glass may fit right in with minimalist Caldari aesthetics
Zagamesh > It's no longer a frozen ball of rock, it's /beautiful/
dandatau > hey guys how long has the shield management skill been out?
Mazzorr > How can I petition a hack on EVE?
Mazzorr > Right fuking NOW
Mazzorr > I put harvs in my bay now they are basic
Mazzorr > Right ffukING NOW
Mazzorr > I want a fucking GM right fucking NOW
Mazzorr > RIGHT fucking NOw
Mazzorr > I want a fucking GM right fucking NOW
Jonzy Lothos > LOL!!!!!
Mazzorr > the icelanderers wont get one red fucking cent from me if i've lost my harvs
Mazzorr > I put harvs in my bay.. and i have basics now
Mazzorr > I want a fucking GM and I want one NOW
Hone > shut your hole
Mazzorr > I will QUIT this game... if my harve are NOT returened to me
Jonzy Lothos > so why are you telling us
Jonzy Lothos > talk to a GM
Mazzorr > how?
Jonzy Lothos > do you think they will magically appear if you kepp asking for them in local
Mazzorr > never had to before
Jonzy Lothos > file a petition
Hone > lol bones
Jonzy Lothos > its the button just under your isk thing
Jonzy Lothos > *wallet
Mazzorr > I dont give a fuck... if my harvs are gone.. then CCP will NEVER get any more mony from me
Jonzy Lothos > or push F12
bonesy19uk > seriously Maz, to talk to a GM privately, you have to be banned
Mazzorr > 12 harvs gone just for putting them in my baY
Mazzorr > bay?
Mazzorr > converted to basics?
Hone > check the stats might be a bug
Jonzy Lothos > talk to a GM
Mazzorr > how?
bonesy19uk > display bug?
bonesy19uk > give it the old "clear your cache"! treatment
Hone > maybe
Hone > yep
Mazzorr > I've been playing this game for a LONG time...... but this will make me quit
Mazzorr > and i dont want to quit
Mazzorr > I was in Jeni mining 40K M3 per hour in a dom... how would that be possible in a dom with 6 miner 2's?
Mazzorr > sheesh..... im about to quit this fucking game
Mazzorr > I dock and unload harvs that turn into basics?
Mazzorr > Im almost done
Mazzorr > yup.. i tested one.. they be basic
Hone > wait til reset before you go crazy
Mazzorr > i took one out of station inv and put it into my drone bay... its basic
Hone > or log, clesr your cache and re log
Mazzorr > I am already crazy because I've lost 60 Million isk
Mazzorr > you calm the fuck down
Pakalolo > rofl
Mazzorr > if CCP does not fix this...... they wont get a fucking red cent out of me this day
Mazzorr > and for all days from here
Mazzorr > WTF? my harvs are in Jeni?
Mazzorr > damn ccp needs to get its shit togatgher
Mazzorr > lol
Mazzorr > unfuckingbelievable
Mazzorr > I think i will just log here since my harvs are safe
Mazzorr > wooooot I still have harvs
Mazzorr > damn you ccp..... to wanted to make my mega tonite LOL
Mazzorr > jebus H I hate that i can get that mad
Mazzorr > sorry everyone
<+Asestorian> I was dragged down to give blood today
<+Asestorian> but when we got there they said they were closing up
<+Asestorian> but I got a "give blood" wrist band thing anyway
<+Asestorian> so now it looks like I am good person
<+Asestorian> but I don't actually have to be one
Moose Beard > the benny hill theme makes anything good
Moose Beard > it can be a clip of someone getting shoved in a woodchipper, add benny hill = hillarious
Khadhir Hashul > This place sure has a lot of Minmatar.
Khadhir Hashul > Oh, wait. It's a Minmatar system.
Nicola Boloskarl > Minmatar system is best system
Walter Whyte > They're like collectors items, pretty soon they're going to be pretty rare
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