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<@HellGremlin> Well
<@HellGremlin> Ore thieves and can thieves are yelled about a lot
<@HellGremlin> But mostly by victims, who really really do not matter.
Shodan Kusanagi > ./tits
Aerimathi > You don't /tits, you caress them you NOBB!
Shodan Kusanagi > but doesnt eve comes with a /tits command?
Shodan Kusanagi > and they call this an internet...
Dalnia > salving dead poeple wrecks, without realizing cloaked people are all over the place = bad news
ExcellciuM > handguns etc are banned, shotguns etc need a licence
Elmo Zumwalt > i have over 40 guns but i dont need a license
steveid > you can buy a gun for £100 pretty much anywhere if you want one tbh. It just stops lunatics having a room full of them.
Elmo Zumwalt > ♥ America
steveid > ^^ like him
Aefolatt Amos Itoga > fh clear, blue as ...
Egiloo > ..smurfs
Van'Clif > Корпорация Capitals примет в свои ряды новых пилотов, прием ведется через академию.Подробностив личке!
Rhi Tehn > Ladies and Gentlemen! Spot the typo competition is ON!!
BorisHotch > ive got an announcement to make
BorisHotch > is everyone sitting down?
HavvieG > Uh, yeah?
Khaddar > At the keyboard!
HavvieG > I'm docked.
BorisHotch > ive actually just done a MISSION 8)
Khaddar > o.O
HavvieG > ...
Luke Hartelse > OMG!!!
HavvieG > What?
Luke Hartelse > aHHHHHHHH!
Gammus Arterius > *HURK*
HavvieG > And the server hasn't crashed?
Luke Hartelse > /emote drops to the floor
HavvieG > WTF!?
BorisHotch > /emote is a happy bunny 8)
Raadix Tennhauser > 2004.11.09 00:14:34 combat Your Unobtainium-Nerfbat BFG-99K Poo-Flinging-Monkey Tech IV places a Righteous hit on Teh Hekp [No0b], inflicting <total WTFpWnage/Stack Overflow> damage.
General WilliamHague > LOL!!!! ok,i feel stupid now,i was wondering how that hell this malakim was tanking me so god,noticed that i had forgot to change my logistics drones to combat drones.I was repping him ffs!
Extreme Failz > I think I lvl'd up!
Extreme Failz > There was a big explosion, and then my ship turned into a Pod
Extreme Failz > When it hatches do I get a better ship?
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