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Tef42 > 27/m/lonetrek looking for internet girlfriend
<@Zeus> still missing 1 turret hradpoint
<@CmdraRat> So what, we'll just have a titan that's short one turret. what are people going to say? we have a mother fkn titan and they don't
Nikilaiki Ruutarhara > Ghost always knows how to find my backdoor.
Nikilaiki Ruutarhara > He knows my brain may say 0, but my body says 1.
Danks > vels check out these pics
Velsharoon > lol
Velsharoon > pron?
Danks > nah
Hinik > lol
Danks > me and my coworkers drinking and getting fucked up
Danks > wow this is gonna take forever
Danks > your connection sucks
Velsharoon > dude i live in ireland
Velsharoon > we have horses ferrying the bits
Menta says: "Hey gusy, invite me to group."
You say: "Artis is group leader"
Menta says: "ok invite me to group"


<You Tell Artis>: "Why arent you inviting Menta?"
<Artis tells You>: "I thought he wanted gusy to invite him?"
<You tell Artis>: "Poor kid, one typo and he's banished for life"
<Tara> if he talks about you being sexy i'm afraid i'd have to call him gay too O_o
<%DJ_Who|0N_41R> no im a lesbiean on the inside
<Daakkon> no
<Daakkon> you are gay on the inside
<Daakkon> dude I know your body
Lord Makk > One day I'll get married and you'll never see me online again. But that's prolly 10 years away, so until then, let's Provi BURN!
Ieya > wtf?
Ieya > apparently norad have been tracking santa
Azia Burgi > yeah
Azia Burgi > they do it every year
Yellow9 CPC > I'll start worrying if they scramble him.
Ieya > or if they shoot him down
Yellow9 CPC > I suppose if they claim that it would be worse.
Ieya > or if they claim that his sleigh has been hijacked by terrorists
Yellow9 CPC > Meh, they probably would do that.
Yellow9 CPC > claim it that is.
Ieya > /emote imagines the story on fox news
Yellow9 CPC > To, let me guesss.... Red?
Eskarina Ap'Morgravaine > the lasagne monster is in fact called Garfield
Eskarina Ap'Morgravaine > and Aano is the vet
Chuln > ah, that explains the cat hair
Eskarina Ap'Morgravaine > the ugly vet
Eskarina Ap'Morgravaine > with the bad teeth
Chuln > from eating the cat?
Eskarina Ap'Morgravaine > eating out the cat, its a big cat, and the vet's not too fussy about where he gets his pussy
Chuln > I have absolutley no comeback for that lne, lol
Eskarina Ap'Morgravaine > aaand my work here is done
Chuln > hehe
Chuln > it was a good run
Eskarina Ap'Morgravaine > Next week on Insanity 101, we'll be covering how to defenestrate your priest whilst in another timeline.
Great Wandell: the price of iterons is going up slowly. any idea on what's causing that?
UnSiViLiZiEd: ? supply and demand ?
Great Wandell: thanks Rockefeller
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