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(@Juan_Andalusian) i was told off my a bitch 20 mins ago :) was quite a come back
(@Juan_Andalusian) she was driving really slow... pissing me off
(@Juan_Andalusian) so at some point i overtook her... and stopped to hurl various obseneties at her
(@Juan_Andalusian) at the end i told her to go home and wash some dishes
(@Juan_Andalusian) to which she replied
(@Juan_Andalusian) no thanks i got an asshole just like you doing that for me :P
<Mansku> i used an old insta to a gatespot that only had sentrys and billboard left
<Mansku> and there was a can named "nigga stole my stargate"
<Galazar> is anyone else getting those stupid emails from people trying to get you to sign upto some "FREE SMS" service
<DjNeWt> shall i save the day
<Galazar> i get about 10 a day
<Galazar> somone has to die
<YourMomma> I get loads of porn mails every day because my ex signed my email up to a million porn sites when I broke up with him
<Galazar> lol
<Orkki> hehehe
<Rocko> yeah right
<Galazar> aren't u a guy?
<Orkki> i think hes a hermophradite
<Orkki> or i mean IT
<Galazar> lol
Leet Al > t2 howie ammo will be fantasy animals like griffins, dragons, snorlax and that big guy from american idol
Azia Burgi > my dad has bought a 4 pack of jack daniel's and coke cola
Azia Burgi > pre-mixed whiskey and coke!
WashuChanUK > Bah thats cheating
Azia Burgi > i can't think of anything more hideous
WashuChanUK > That as chocolate?
Azia Burgi > :S
Radiant Infinity > now that would rock
WashuChanUK > There we go
Jay Marshall > chocolate & jack? hmmm
Nykel d'Krone > 10 year old Bailey's?
Jay Marshall > quite tasty actually.
Nykel d'Krone > you drink, and i'll watch.
Nykel d'Krone > Bailey's has an expiry stamped on each bottle for a reason
Azia Burgi > that would be alcoholic cheese
Fredfredbug4: Come to nullsec one of these days. What you carebears deal with in hi-sec is hardly war.
Five Thirty: This is precisely my point. High-sec warfare is NOT WAR. It's simply concord sanctioned griefing... in nearly all cases.
Five Thirty: It's easily likened to Manchester United coming out and throwing down money game challenges against grammar school football teams.
Vantlor > i totaly forgot how good applesauce is
Vantlor > its so tasty
Mister Zero > Applesauce is like sweet baby puke.
Vantlor > lol
<wizzard66> Notify Your MasterCard deactivates as it finds the resource it was harvesting a pale shadow of its former glory.
<wizzard66> my daughters went shopping
CCP Soundwave > I can see the server room from here, and nothing seems to be on fire.
CCP Soundwave > it's probably just a new feature
Btweeduizend > mm i dont think HS cares about the cans he just likes to blow shit up
Vulcan Rome > true
Btweeduizend > i work in the same way only i dont have the ship to match my nuts
Btweeduizend > mm that came out wrong
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