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<Frankinator> [16:48] <NTRabbit> i wouldve
<Frankinator> [16:48] <NTRabbit> with a big nametag
<Frankinator> dude
<Frankinator> do u see urself walking around in london
<Frankinator> with a big name tag
<Frankinator> saying
<Frankinator> FRANKINATOR
<Frankinator> :/
<NTRabbit> no
<NTRabbit> ofc not, dont be silly
<NTRabbit> clearly my nametag would say NTRABBIT
Needsleep000 > hey jc do you know where i can find some updock?
Jackson Cree > what is updock?
Needsleep000 > trololol
Jackson Cree > i hate you
Needsleep000 > yessssss
Needsleep000 > that made my night
Jackson Cree > how long you been waiting for that one?
Needsleep000 > like two days
Tristan Acoma > What's in a name? That which we call a "DBA", By any other name would smell as foul?
flearider > so many on yet so quiet
Nedan > yep
Nedan > been talking to myself all day
flearider > well the doc said take your pills :P
Nedan > i know, talked myself out of it
Vaden Khale > omg, rogue drones from HELL
Wacoede > as aposed to Rogue drones from heaven?
Vaden Khale > I was thinking more purgatory
Paladin Elanvitale > the rogue drones are from Phoenix in the summer?
Vaden Khale > Well, there's a crap ton of them, they're annoying...sounds like Californians
Paladin Elanvitale > ahhh California... the granola state - whatever aren't fruits and nuts are flakes
Reachok > "To obtain docking rights in ASS Space you must first..."
Padraig > lubricate?
Onyx47 > I want a shuttle with a med slot
KILLOR > Onyx: It's called a Vengeance.
<Mbuku> jesus what kind of system you need to run crysis flat out?
<Levin> one that doesnt exist
<Insig|Sexytime> Hal9000
<Insig|Sexytime> deep thought
<Insig|Sexytime> Earth
<HippoKing> earth is too slow
<HippoKing> it takes millions of years to render continents and coasts
<HippoKing> don't get me started on how long it took to produce the AI
<Levin> it could be argued that the ai isnt all the great
<Levin> even after all tat waiting
Division5 > well
Division5 > that's another solution too
Division5 > here's a protip
Division5 > move your clone to highsec
bigbigpure1 > ont eat yellow snow
Division5 > pod yourself
Division5 > inject the skill
Division5 > update the clone
Division5 > move it back to tn25
bigbigpure1 > speek in full
bigbigpure1 > dont
bigbigpure1 > speek
bigbigpure1 > like
bigbigpure1 > this
Division5 > and pod yourself again
´╗┐DanFraser > why
DanFraser > not
DanFraser > it's
DanFraser > something
DanFraser > that
DanFraser > gets
DanFraser > you
DanFraser > laid
bigbigpure1 > looiks
Division5 > no!
bigbigpure1 > gool
bigbigpure1 > lets
bigbigpure1 > all
bigbigpure1 > talk
bigbigpure1 > like
bigbigpure1 > this
Division5 > yeah
DanFraser > yeah
DanFraser > awesome!
bigbigpure1 > w
bigbigpure1 > o
bigbigpure1 > t
Division5 > soundslikeagreatidea
bigbigpure1 > a
bigbigpure1 > b
bigbigpure1 > ou
bigbigpure1 > tt
bigbigpure1 > hi
bigbigpure1 > fail
narsci > ...
bigbigpure1 > dident work
Division5 > wellificanttalklikethatimatalklikethiswithnoformattingorspaces
bigbigpure1 > thatsevenbetternospacesftw
Division5 > damnevenimhavingtroublereadingthisshit
bigbigpure1 > o or l o t s o ff s p a c e
tggm > Sorry, I was lost in this stupidity
´╗┐DanFraser > 0111011101100101011011000110110000100000011010010110011000100000011110010110111101110101001000000111011101100001011011100111010000100000011101000110111100100000011001000110111100100000011101000110100001100001011101000010000001101001001001110110110001101
Jimmy Ray > but even for miners, eng 5 is like,...
Jimmy Ray > omg wtf obvious
Jimmy Ray > except to you
Jimmy Ray > your unique perception of the universe has lead you to fail
dragon buster > lol
Jimmy Ray > now, just to make my day (for better or worse), tell me you have electronics 5
dragon buster > nope
Jimmy Ray > There is no hope for your soul
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