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Feyde Harkonen > Jita stations reminds me of a Wal-Mart in the Ghetto... there's always some nigga getting shot out front.
Blutreiter > o/ Megadon
Rokan Niks > so you doing sansa incursions?
Rhamnousia > me no. i kill ppl who do incursion.
Rokan Niks > evil, evil
Rhamnousia > why yes, thank you.
Megadon > Oh Hi Blut...
Blutreiter > tell me about it
Blutreiter > i joined Rhams corp
Blutreiter > and the first comment i get on TS
Blutreiter > "jesus christ look at his sec rating"
Blutreiter > and i heard choking noises in the background
Mecha Polcha > brrweuuahh!
Mecha Polcha > welcome screens..
Mecha Polcha > I've been re-noobed...
Windle Poons > that going to be corp motto? RKK: Its a bit like bournemouth
<voogru> "Our Devs, who art in Iceland, hallowed be thy server. Bless our fleet with omgpwnage this day and our enemies with uberlagodoom. may our clones be high speed and our gunnery superior, for ever and ever, EVE"
MattSB * was gonna say someat then but i wont :P
Azia Burgi > what about se10 just being a mining whore fullstop?
MattSB > yeh he actually enjoys it :o
SE10 > lol, lies! :P
MattSB > i saw him with a miner I on his crow ffs !!!
Azia Burgi > :o
SE10 > that was only once!!! :S :S :P
MattSB > thats just .... sick
SE10 > ...or maybe twice... BUT STILL!!! :P
Azia Burgi > THE HORROR!
SE10 > lol :(
Azia Burgi > you have no shame se
MattSB > ibet you mined veld in it to :P
SE10 > oh God! its true!!!! <breaks down in tears on the floor>
MattSB > LOL
Azia Burgi * cackles ebilly
Solvita > so I carried fuel to 8-4 in the JF
Solvita > moved to my itty 5 to transport to various POSes
Solvita > the was messing with the POS shields and somehow the Rhea got launched immediately out of hte POS shields
Solvita > it was off grid in under a second
Solvita > it took nearly 6 minutes to get a scan ship into system and scanned down
Solvita > when we found it it was STILL doing 4500 m/s
Solvita > it took two or three tries to get ahead of it in an interceptor so I could warp to him and board the JF as it went by
Solvita > at which time it was going a mere 1500 m/s
Tiggerman > I have a song dedicated to Solv

Where, o where did my Rhea go,
Why did it leave at the POS all alone,
I searched the System over thought I found true love,
I clicked the wrong setting and now she is gone
Vaxalon > hmm...whats the wing span of an african osprey compared to a european osprey btw?
Sparky Hanrahan > You must be thinking of the airspeed velocity of an african swallow versus a european one.
Horsie > depends if you tie coconuts on 'em
Vaxalon > what...two ospreys with a coconut held under the dorsal guiding wings?
Horsie > they might hold onto it with their drone bays.....
Sparky Hanrahan > They'd have to have a tractor beam, now wouldn't they?
Horsie > what if they know Origami?
Vaxalon > *grins*
MaidMarion > too bad nobody is buyin ore in this system .. ill just have to make a big pile
Horsie > I make big piles all the time
Horsie > I wonder who clears them up
Sparky Hanrahan > That's why we have janitors.
ParMizaN > :/
Tekka > :/
ParMizaN > :/
Tekka > :
ParMizaN > :
Tekka > =D
ParMizaN > :|
EVE System > ParMizaN was muted by Tekka., Effective until 2005.08.24 00:08:27, Reason: "=o".
EVE System > ParMizaN was unmuted by Tekka.
Tekka > =D
ParMizaN > =/
Tekka > =C
ParMizaN > :<
Pa1nbringr > l8===D
ParMizaN > its called
ParMizaN > socialising
Chirinako > rokh IS gay but tbh rokh fleet would > any other sniperbs fleet
Elrid Barnes > yeah hitting at 245km
Radich Mos > only if all bs shield tank and shield logistic
Chirinako > just a fleet of pure rokhs scimmies and the tackle and shit to hold down the other fleet
Chirinako > sitting at 240km
Chirinako > pwning face
Elrid Barnes > ll you risk is the dictors to bubble them
Radich Mos > if enemy know u fleet ships, they fiting kein-therm res 80+
Radich Mos > kin-therm*
Chirinako > true3
Chirinako > Thats the 1 downside is that they can tank against your damage but they still cant hit you :D
Chirinako > its like what the english and the welsh did to the french in the medieval times
Radich Mos > 20km this 30 sec on mwd
Chirinako > sit back laugh and fire longbow arrows at the french
Chirinako > and the french were like ONOES I CANT TANK THIS SHIT
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