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Mortix > what are requirements to join?
Shikaku > 1 mil sp's, a ship and massive balls
Mortix > massive balls figuratively or literally? Cause I may be in trouble.
Shikaku > well tennisball size approx
Shikaku > golfball size are accepted as well
* Khellias menaces Dread with a knife for that last remark.
SerraTsunami> Please don't poke his pecker with your poker.
Vymordryss > In fact I may just take over your bloody island with a sharpened rock, fashioned into a knife with my superior weaponry :P
Azia Burgi > stay good vymlet!
Azia Burgi > stay good!
* Vymordryss struggles with the dark side.
Azia Burgi > we probably wouldn't notice tbh
Azia Burgi > infact the last time britian was invaded was.... ooooh 500 years ago?
Vymordryss > You don't think overthrowing your gov would at least get me front page on the gosip mags for a day? :(
Azia Burgi > thats what? one or 2 years before your country even exisited
Vymordryss > I don't know
Vymordryss > Does WW2 count?
Azia Burgi > you have a warpped sense of history
Azia Burgi > we weren't invaded
Azia Burgi > your thinking of france
Edgard Clochard > Seems like it's not possible to find sweat pants / thermal underwear with attatched socks.
Seth Allasatre > dude. no man should wear something with built in footies.
Edgard Clochard > -_-
Edgard Clochard > If you were me, you would.
Seth Allasatre > we're revoking your man card.
Edgard Clochard > Half the time when I wake up in the morning my socks are gone and my pants are halfway up to my knees.
Seth Allasatre > I sleep naked.
Seth Allasatre > :D
syphurous > /emote blocks channel
Seth Allasatre > lol
syphurous > OMGRAWR ?
syphurous > /emote opens browser
Edgard Clochard > -_-
Edgard Clochard > Please don't omgrawr this.
Edgard Clochard > It's not worthy.
Homme Geant > Vertical based ships like the myrmidon and the nightmare make it a little more complicated to do unloading/loading since they tend to have strangely shaped or multiple cargo holds.
* Verone shrugs to the Intaki > I've never had issues loading or unloading them. Each to their own i guess.
Stitcher > Homme: couldn't you just redivert the hold's gravity perpendicular to the ship's axis?
Stitcher > or leave the hold in zero-G for that matter.
Cypher Null > Makes sense...you'd have the challenge of docking it horizontally though to save boarding accidents
Homme Geant > Er, I transport livestock quite a bit.
Stitcher > ah
Homme Geant > Zero-Gravity ,while it would be hilarious to watch for a few moments, would probably end badly.
Iulian Janus > you would need a hose
* Verone chuckles at the thought > moooooo-weeeeeeeee
* Verone laughs softly, shaking his head
* Kyoko Sakoda chuckles as well. > A new meaning to cow tipping.
Homme Geant > Yes, mucking out would take on a whole new definetion.
Mizhara Del'thul > Cats aren't bad though. My former dog woke me up once. That was enough to condition me.
Shae Tiann > rofl oh?
Mizhara Del'thul > I sleep in the nude... and that morning I slept on my stomach. I woke up wondering what the hell was going on as he stuck his cold, wet snout between my arsecheeks. I just barely managed to wake up... before he sneezed.
Mizhara Del'thul > I swear to god it took me five minutes to claw myself off the ceiling.
Mizhara Del'thul > And when I did... and this is not embellishment or anything, I shit you not... he was grinning at me.
Shadow XII > Sissies go through highsec. Men go through lowsec. REAL men work out while autopiloting through lowsec.
Alena Heaven > FIND YER OWN ROCK *****!!
Alena Heaven > sorry wrong channal
Kinran > o_0
Alena Heaven > sorry
Kinran > i'd certainly say so :p
DeODokktor > Take em by the ROCKS Kinran
Alena Heaven > when people touch my rocks i get alittle jumpy
Alena Heaven > because its my rock >_<
Lohrant > damn... i can hear someone having sex through my radiator...
Raithius > Shout "Give her one for VF!!"
Angelica Skein > brings a new meaning to "there's a banging in the pipes"
* cory goes back to browsing the babe thread on fhc, maybe that'll cheer me up
* Feline_Ferocity wants a bamar callender.....
<cory> heh
<Feline_Ferocity> ok and a cory callender too...
<cory> how about a combo calendar :P
<Feline_Ferocity> lol hells yeah
<Feline_Ferocity> i'd never leave the bathroom again
<cory> you go to the bathroom for that fefe?
<Feline_Ferocity> and yes cory cos i'm gonna need the sink after. the callender would have me dripping like a pot roast
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