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Intar Deig > 0.0 is nice
Intar Deig > Not at all like Empire space
unula stricata > found any hot chick there ? :p
Intar Deig > No, a strip joint
Intar Deig > You can't get your hands on the strippers though, they have 100%kinetic resists
Intar Deig > It's like going to a club, all girls are tanked against Intar
Lucatu > you can down their shields with master card or american express
Intar Deig > Not the shield tanked ones
Intar Deig > They are better
Intar Deig > The armor tanked empty my wallet, and when shield is down, they warp out or call on corp mates
Intar Deig > Gotta cut down on mining I think
Darth Gustav > hi guys
Darth Gustav > i'm darth gustav
Onyxalia La'fiette > i totally thought you were another darth
Gallentia Walmart feels lonely without corp chat :(
Gallentia Walmart > The specified proxy or server node (1000112) is dead
Muthsera > that node have been having trouble all day
Gallentia Walmart > pain
Gallentia Walmart > please can everyone here type random illiterate babble so i feel like I
am in corp chat?
captian ron > blah blah blah words words words
captian ron > pickles!!!!
captian ron > feel better now
Gallentia Walmart > almost
Gallentia Walmart > although no one has called me ghey yet
<Aidari> i got blitzed and decided to play eve last night
<Aidari> when i woke up, it was right before down time
<Aidari> my head was inside my computer case
<Aidari> and when i got up, my scorpion was floating in a deadpsace complex with 4 percent hull
<Aidari> and nothing was alive anwhere near me
Funkcicle > ffs, we should have an atlas members meet in a swiming pool, then it could be legitimatly called vegtable soup.
Elia Mao > Eve's average age is 28, and a 97% male demographic. WoW's average age is 15. Their gender demographic is unknown, since 98% of those surveyed filled in the "Sex" portion with "OMG YOU CUSSED!"
Dark DeC > abaddons are flown a LOT
Dark DeC > wait, I'm not confusing the FOTM amarr BS right?
Dark DeC > geddons
Herschel Yamamoto > no, it's the abad
Dark DeC > ah ok
Kelsina Dyz > i feel ya, they all look like shiny fallices to me
Herschel Yamamoto > you mean fallacies or phalluses?
Lokitana > phallacious reasoning as caused many a problem for young men throughout history
MrShooter > Drone carriers are also fun to use in missions. You can launch some drones and attack the npcs and pretty much walk away from the computer
MrShooter > when you get back everything will be dead
MrShooter > including possibly your drones and your ship
MrShooter > I don't know where i was going with that
Swatcat > hmmm eve.exe is built in debug mode....
Swatcat > makes it easy to dissassemble
fdafda > Nooo dissassemble, number 5 is alive....
Crying Reaper > /emote is getting bored of haveing his tracking disrupted by the blood raiders
Max Payne > lol for a moment I read "the blond raiders"
Crying Reaper > lol
Max Payne > which of course can be taken as people who raid blondes and people who are blond and raid...
DreamAbyss > but... would it be a horrible thing to have your "tracking" disrupted by blonde raiders?
Otherwise > I raid blondes every now and then
Otherwise > with blasters even.
Max Payne > lol
DreamAbyss > lol
Max Payne > brunetes are way more fun to raide
Otherwise > hum ...
Otherwise > depends if brunettes are in season.
Max Payne > oh come on , they always are
Otherwise > scarce in this area ... I'm raiding blondes more often than brunettes
Max Payne > I'd have a brunette every day and 2 on sundays vs a blonde
Otherwise > maybe they'll change that in the next patch
Otherwise > BUFF BLONDES !
Max Payne > no offense to blonde players but ... brunettes just kick ass
DreamAbyss > blondes have more fun but brunettes remember it the next day :)
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