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Cruniac > I don't get it, you can't draw a pic of him... but it's ok to name sweetbreads after him :p
Hafthor > lol
Cruniac > ... still, would be kinda ironic if WW III started with a funny pic in a danish newspaper...
<Emiug|Afk> hmm
<Emiug|Afk> how bizarre
<Emiug|Afk> my cousin (7yrs old)
<Emiug|Afk> was lookin at my posters
<Emiug|Afk> and calmly asked
<Emiug|Afk> 'why are they covering their vaginas'
flashfresh > (linked McNoTo) --> betcha he's cloaked in a rapier and watching us...
DeathStar > prolly 5 km off me
flashfresh > probably masturbating at being so close to being found. it's his only excitement
Amran stone > 6 pairats in 15W-GC
NAFkaffe > shiptypes?
Amran stone > Guristas Inferno
Franga > Huh?
Franga > Are you reporting rats?
Plague Black > lol
Ceratin > haha
Amran stone > im onli traying to help but i cant becus im in a hauler
Amran stone > Bestower
Plague Black > how about other belts?

BeanBagKing > ya know something....
reylie > hmm?
BeanBagKing > I've asked for ship fits before right, and had people link me to killmails and be like that's a good fit
BeanBagKing > and my only thought was
BeanBagKing > ... it died though....
Amitious Turkey > Error: Large Remote Armor Repairer will not activate on target singing "Call Me Maybe"
Gallentia Walmart feels lonely without corp chat :(
Gallentia Walmart > The specified proxy or server node (1000112) is dead
Muthsera > that node have been having trouble all day
Gallentia Walmart > pain
Gallentia Walmart > please can everyone here type random illiterate babble so i feel like I
am in corp chat?
captian ron > blah blah blah words words words
captian ron > pickles!!!!
captian ron > feel better now
Gallentia Walmart > almost
Gallentia Walmart > although no one has called me ghey yet
Nhoj Sllew > first time in forever i dock in mj and i log back in to 9 tri
Rutoo > haha
Mad Medicine > give em hell
Nhoj Sllew > lol i can't kill 5 vagas
Mad Medicine > yes you can, whip out the titan
Nhoj Sllew > my zipper is stuck
Mad Medicine > dawm that sucks then...
IceGuerilla > Lesson in space no. 16: don't fall asleep at the helm in 0.0.
[Duke Kessler] right clicking is God of doing anything in EVE. I pitty the fool that has a broken right mouse button
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