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Avio Yaken > uou molested my rohk :(
Avio Yaken > you*
Jack Anemyte > is that okay?
Avio Yaken > Well >.> you had your ship's nose deep in there
Jack Anemyte > hope that felt good
Avio Yaken > well..he kinda liked
Jack Anemyte > :D
Avio Yaken > so i guess i should thank you
Avio Yaken > so...thanks ^_^
Jack Anemyte > np i can do it again
Avio Yaken > i would say yes, but i think it needs a break from the sweet love
Jack Anemyte > i guess we should prepare a protection for a next time
Avio Yaken > indeed, even though i heard apocs have some wonderful genes...
Jack Anemyte > sry, I dont plan to make any little apocs for now =) i'm too young =)
Avio Yaken > aw
Neotin Nahrain > all structures must provide free wi-fi ... so attackers avoid the space boredom syndrome ...
Bj Glitternaut > All I have right now is a moa or an omen.
x> thats a bad omen tho
@ splinter        • hey
@ splinter        • we where on our knees for you for 10+ hours
@ Ashrah         • uhuh
@ Ashrah         • i know :) and still owe you 2 loads :)
Aruni > anyone looking to buy a miner?
Frank Ernaga > Hi
Frank Ernaga > any chars for sale?
Aruni > you lookingg to buy a miner?
Nolak Ataru > Pretty sure buying minors isnt allowed
Aruni > excuse me?
Aruni > oh
Lindah Rinah > I could fit my mother in that EM resist hole
Makkz > Roses are red, violets are blue, poetry is hard, bacon.
Jurou Yuan > moist nerd musk
<@wizzard66> If i bought a 3d printer, i want flesh color plastic and print out David Hasselhoffs in all sizes and put them in the garden like others do gnomes
capricain > I am playing a violin for you, guess how big it is
Darth Kilth > The size of your dick?
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